About 250 scientific-technical developments to be presented at the Belarusian Industrial Forum

About 250 scientific-technical developments will be presented at the Belarusian Industrial Forum, which will be held on May 3-6. Achievements and exhibits will be demonstrated by the organizations and institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the Ministry of Education, as well as seven private enterprises under the aegis of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovakia.

Unique technologies and instrumentation will be presented at the exhibition including as follows.

The plant for absorption-biochemical treatment of ventilation air from harmful organic substances (the National Technical University) is unique in the world and is designed for wet cleaning of ventilation air from harmful organic substances. The ventilation air purification degree is up to 99 percent, and the delivery costs are lower than the world prices for gas treatment equipment by 1.5-2.0 times. In addition, there is a plus factor that there is no discharge of harmful substances into the environment.

The complex of equipment and the technology of disposal of pharmaceutical waste and cytostatic pharmaceuticals (BSU) is presented by a new and unique generation of equipment for disposal of medical waste on the basis of unified functional structures of high-temperature (from 900 ºC to 1200 ºC) of microwave heating and sterilization, which meets the requirements of the European Union and the Russian Federation.

The universal robotic systems and automated equipment for sealing, presurrization and bonding (BSU) for the application of sealants and various adhesives to the desired path. The cost of the equipment is 1.5-2.0 times lower in comparison with the similar equipment of Western manufacturers (OMS, Cannon, Liquid Control, EDF, etc.).

The new composite magnetic material and products based on it (SSPA “Scientific-Practical Center of the NAS of Belarus on Material Science”) enables you to replace the laminated electromagnetic steel for high-frequency applications in the products such as the choke transformers, modern gate high-speed motors and generators.

The devices for determination of physical and mechanical properties of building materials of the IPM (the SSI “Institute of Applied Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”), designed for non-destructive determination of the strength and hardness of asphalt, concrete, etc. This area of development of non-destructive control instrument making, IPM-1B device is comparable with Russian (IPS-MG, ONYX) and European (DigiSchmidt, Elcometer) analogues.

It is scheduled to hold a seminar-presentation on the commercialization of innovative developments and intellectual property protection within the framework of the cooperation exchange “Science and Industry — Innovative Cooperation Strategy”, which will be held on May 4.

Source: SCST

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