Key facts about Belarus

Official Name: Republic of Belarus   

President of Belarus

Картинки по запросу Президент Республики Беларусь официальное фото
Alexander Lukashenko (1994 — present)


  Prime Minister of Belarus

Sergei Rumas (2018  — present)

General Information

Total land area of Belarus: 207,600 km²

Population – 9.492 million (on January 1, 2018)



(Source: 2009 census)

Languages spoken in Belarus: Belarusian and Russian

National holidays in Belarus: Independence Day, 3 July

Currency of Belarus: Belarusian rouble  BYN (official exchange rate)

Economic indicators: GDP (2017) 105.2 billion BYN; GNI per capita (2017): 11,1 BYN

Commodity structure of export (2017):   

Commodity structure of import (2017):   

Main Business Partners of Belarus: Russia, Ukraine, China, UK, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Turkey, Italy.  

Main Industries of Belarus  

Area of farmland in Belarus (on January 1, 2016): 8 582 thous. hectares

Agriculture specialization: grain, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beet, flax, meat and dairy industry

Natural resources: wood, peat, small oil and natural gas fields, granite, dolomite, limestone, clay, sand.  

Number of people in employment: 4.35 million (2017)

 Distribution of employed population across key economic sectors (2016):  

Unemployment in Belarus: 33.7 thous. unemployed (2017)


Number of mobile communication subscribers – 11.4 million.

Penetration of LTE-powered mobile communication services – 60%. At present the services are available in Minsk and all the oblast capitals as well as major district capitals across the country.

Number of fixed telephony subscribers – 47.5 phones per 100 residents.

Number of Internet service subscribers and users  – over 11 million, including over 3 million of fixed broadband Internet access subscribers. According to the International Telecommunication Union, in 2016 Belarus was ranked 23rd by the number of broadband subscribers.

International bandwidth – 1,110Gbps.

According to a research by the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union, the Republic of Belarus is ranked 3rd among 87 countries in developing the digital postal services.


Railways – 5480 km, including 1215 km of electric track
Highways – 102,000 km, including paved roads 88,200 km
Oil pipelines – 2,983 km
Gas pipelines – 7,837 km

Sources: Official Website of the Republic of Belarus; National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus; World Bank

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Last update: 01.06.2018