National policy workshop “Energy Efficiency policy in Belarus. Role of innovation in promoting the energy efficiency” May 11, 2016, Minsk

The National Policy Workshop "Energy Efficiency policy in Belarus. Role of innovation in promoting the energy efficiency" was held in Minsk on May 11, 2016 by "ENECA" VLC, BelAPE and BelISA, INNOVER-EAST partners in Belarus, with the support from the International Center for Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems (Croatia).

The event was organised within the FP7-funded project INNOVER-EAST. The main goals of the event were to overview and discuss the current state and development trends of the national energy efficiency (EE) and energy policy and lessons learnt in Belarus and EU, as well as the role of innovation in promoting the EE; to come up with recommendations on further development of the national EE policy and in particular on promoting the cooperation with EU; to contribute to the final INNOVER-EAST policy event aimed at summarizing the lessons learnt and recommendations from 5 Eastern Partnership countries, namely Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine, and provide recommendations for EU member states and Eastern Partnership policy makers on a wider and more effective cooperation in energy (early 2017, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine).




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 - Agenda


Klaudia Tvergyak, Presentation of the INNOVER-EAST project

Dmitry Kulak, The main areas of the national EE policy in Belarus with a focus on innovation and energy services

Leonid Danilevsky, National policy and practices of EE and RES innovations in buildings 

Neven Duic, Current trends of energy systems innovative development in Europe

Evgeny Malchevsky, State support for innovation activities

Vladimir Nistiuk, Role of public-private partnership in ensuring the innovative development and energy security

Olga Meerovskaya, Belarus – EU sector dialogue in research and innovation – opportunities for promoting cooperation in energy and EE 

Grigoriy Kuzmich, Innovative solutions in sustainable energy projects

Tomislav Pukšec, Experience of energy services providing with a focus on financing the retrofitting of buildings, including labeling through ESCO

Nata Amialchuk, Implementation of energy efficiency principles in urban planning:  example of multifamily housing of the district of c. Brest

Alexander Kucheravy, Energy efficient buildings in CIS countries. Challenges and solutions

Vasily Tarasevich, Experience of ñredit financing of EE & RES projects (EBRD project – Belarus Sustainable Energy Finance Facility, BelSEFF)

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