Networking session at ICT 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal, 20-22 October, 2015


The EECA cluster will have a booth and also a Networking session at ICT 2015, the largest ICT event organised by the European Commission, in Lisbon, Portugal, 20-22 October, 2015. We look forward to seeing you there!

We will shortly provide you with a map of how to find our booth at the ICT 2015 and we will keep you informed regarding the date and time and agenda as well as the precise location of the Networking session.

EECA Booth at ICT 2015

The booth is an ideal place that will give you the opportunity to learn about the EECA region ICT potential for successful cooperation in H2020 and will provide you with possibilities to network with EECA ICT experts.

You can learn about our Web Portal Tools including:

1. Collaboration Space:

- Get in contact with the leading EECA research and industrial actors in key ICT areas

- Be involved in the activities of the European Technology Platforms

2. EECA-W@tch:

- Find out about the ICT sector in the EECA countries

- Get in contact with competent research teams and SMEs from the region and find your business/research partner

- Discover funding opportunities under R&I programmes in the region

3. Competence Platform:

- Database aiming to facilitate the formation of international consortia among key ICT research and industrial actors from the EU and the EECA region

4. Help Desk:

- Get on-line direct hands-on personalized support regarding the participation in ICT and ICT related topics of the H2020 programme

Computers connected to the internet will be used to demonstrate the functionality of the EECA Portal and all available services/data to encourage researchers from the EU and EECA to better collaborate.

The Network Session: “ETPs — EECA countries Communities networking” 

European Technology Platforms (ETPs) are industry-led stakeholders recognized by the European Commission as key actors in driving innovation, knowledge transfer and European competitiveness. They develop research and innovation agendas and roadmaps for action on the EU and national level and mobilize stakeholders. 

During the last few years, the European Commission has undertaken a particular effort to strengthen strategic partnerships in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) R&I activities and to encourage the International Cooperation in the ICT Research domain between European Union and Eastern European and Central Asia (EECA) countries.

By enlarging ETP communities with the active involvement of the EECA experts, the European Technology Platforms are able to broaden their field of work and collaboration, and the EECA specialists have the opportunity to exchange ideas, put forward issues, offer input on regional trends, and discuss cooperation. 

Hosting a relevant networking event within the framework of the largest ICT event gives the opportunity to involve more players from both sides into the community and thus enhance the communities work with more views, ideas and hence collaboration opportunities and synergies.

Description of the format:

The event will include three sub-sessions, each dedicated to a specific ETP, namely NEM, NESSI and Photonics21. All participants of the session will have the opportunity to present themselves, express their views on the discussed subjects and provide information on what they wish to gain from their participation in the communities.
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